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How To Select Suitable Crusher


In the decades since the crushing industry has developed, more and more crushers have appeared. There are countless models and machines, such as the common jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, roller crusher, etc. With so many crushing machines, how do we choose the one that suits us?


1. Purchase as needed. Different material properties are suitable for different crushers. Therefore, when we purchase a crusher, we must choose the appropriate crusher equipment based on the size, hardness, dry humidity and other properties of the material.

2. Incoming and outgoing material particle size. One of the most important factors in choosing a crushing equipment model is the particle size of the incoming and outgoing materials. If the feed particle size is large but the discharge particle size is small, it is necessary to use two or more stages of crushing.

3. Production requirements. Appropriate equipment should be selected according to actual needs. You should not blindly pursue high output and ignore other supporting conditions, such as whether the incoming and outgoing materials are timely, whether the transformer quota is sufficient, and whether the site size is sufficient.

4. Energy consumption problem. While satisfying the output, the less energy consumption, the more suitable, more breaking and less grinding, saving energy and reducing consumption.

5. Control later costs. Therefore, the parts of the machine are very important. When selecting the machine, while eliminating the main options, you must look at these small details and grasp the comprehensive information of the machine.

6. Later maintenance is very important. Therefore, we choose a machine structure that is stable and simple, which will facilitate our future maintenance of the machine and save time and energy.

7. Cost. As the most critical option to consider, within the budget, consider all issues comprehensively and select the crusher that is most suitable for you.

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